Brad Knight | Monkey Business Institute

How many years have you been a with MBI? All fifteen years of MBI’s existence

How many years have you taught classes with MBI? 13

What other improv or performing experience do you have?

I’ve been a professional improviser since 1992. I got my start with ComedySportz in Madison and performed with that outfit for twelve years. I’ve also done work with Broom Street Theater, Are We Delicious?, and Forward Theater.

Describe yourself briefly: Improv is my passion and my life. I co-founded Monkey Business Institute in 2004 and have been its sole owner, operator, and artistic director since 2014. Outside of improv, I love reading, camping, traveling, and learning new things.


My favorite food is chili. I love playing games of all kinds – video, board, card, word, role-playing.

What’s your favorite part of teaching improv?

Every single part of it: Designing classes, teaching, coaching, performing.

I believe in building a solid foundation of basic improv skills and then, once mastered, letting them go. I try to give my students an experience that balances learning and fun.