Craig Johnson | Monkey Business Institute

When I learned how to do improv, I felt like I discovered a more complete version of myself. I hope that these classes lead you to a similar discovery.

How many years have you been a troupe member with MBI? 10

How many years have you taught classes with MBI? 5

What other improv or performing experience do you have?

Prior to my time with MBI, I had twenty years experience as a stage actor. I have also appeared in any number of videos and short films, most notably playing the role of Weird Jimmy in the internet sensation Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager, and the role of Craig Johnson in the best kept secret on the internet, Welcome to the Basement.

Briefly describe yourself: When I choose to be, I am the biggest person in the room.


Ten of my favorite movies: The Third Man, The Passion of Joan of Arc, Blue Velvet, Stop Making Sense, Singin’ in the Rain, The Last Waltz, The In-Laws, I’m Not There, Children of Paradise, and the collected work of the Coen Brothers. That last one might seem like a cheat, so for the sake of argument, let’s just say that they all take place in the same cinematic universe. I don’t have hobbies, but if I did they would be yoga and lithography.

You might think you’re just taking an improv class, but it’s also an acting class, storytelling class, and a general class on how to focus better, how to cooperate better, and how to accept mistakes. So, it’s four classes for the price of one. As for teaching you how to be funny, I can’t promise anything.