Sarah Rogers | Monkey Business Institute

Each improviser is as unique as a fingerprint. My job is to help students identify what strengths they bring, and learn how to support the strengths of other players.

How many years have you been a troupe member with MBI? 10

How many years have you taught classes with MBI? 5

Describe yourself briefly: I’m an irreverent rule-follower – a rare combination!


I love Die Hard, Moulin Rouge, Queer Eye, Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, The Power by Naomi Alderman, Weezer’s Blue Album, Broadway musicals, Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”, playing “Late or Exercising?”, and going to see Rod Tuffcurls & The Bench Press at the Majestic.

What’s your favorite part of teaching improv for MBI?

Laughing with strangers who soon become friends.

A phenomenal teacher. Sarah Rogers not only has loads of experience, she’s always on-task, concise, and tons of fun!


– Molly Arbogast

Sarah brings her positive, down to earth sensibility to each class. She creates a safe environment to explore new techniques and really makes sure you understand the teaching. And she’s been known to bring Kleenex (don’t ask me why).


– Bill Arbogast

As an experienced long form improviser, I entered the class curious to know more about short form and the way that Monkey Business Institute interprets that particular style. Sarah really knows the theater and its philosophy. She calls upon the experiences of her students in her teaching. As someone who teaches adults for a living, I think she was an EXCELLENT teacher.

– Jonathan Ross