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Corporate Playshops for Virtual Work Teams

Monkey Business Institute has been doing workplace training classes for over a decade, across a variety of professions, and now we’re excited to start offering playshops in an online setting for corporations and groups. With the world’s new focus on telecommuting, there are a whole new set of challenges that improvisation can help you with.

In addition to modified versions of our standard topics, such as team building, effective communication, listening and awareness, and creative problem solving, we are offering some new playshop topics that reflect the current business climate.

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New Topics Include:

  • Communication Techniques for Online Meetings
  • Finding a Comfort Level in an Ever-changing Environment
  • Emotional Resilience

What is a playshop?

A playshop is like a workshop…but fun! It’s experiential training that emphasizes active listening, clear communication, and teamwork using improv theater as a framework. Our playshops have helped organizations become more creative, more mindful and more resilient.

So it’s a workshop. Why not just say so?

Well, with all the fun we have during these training sessions, we’re not sure if we’re even legally allowed to call them “workshops.” All kidding aside, we call our workshops playshops because they are seriously fun.

How can a playshop help my organization?

Active listening, clear communication, and teamwork are elements of improv that are essential to any organization. We help your group develop these skills in a supportive, collaborative and creative environment.

Thank you so much for working with us, everyone had a fabulous time. Everyone had wonderful things to say about both Brad and Adam. They really loved Brad’s energy and they both got the crowd going and had everyone on their toes. It was a such a great competitive game. They all want to come see an improv show now.
Thanks again, it was a pleasure working with all of you.

Learn more about our playshops or get started by filling out the form below. It goes straight to our head trainer and playshop designer, Brad Knight.

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