Celebrate with Improv Shows or Classes!

Need a unique gift that’s guaranteed to create laughter and great memories? Give a Monkey Business Institute gift certificate!

  • 24-giftcard

    $24 Gift Card


    A $24 dollar gift card to Monkey Business Institute makes a great gift. As a matter of fact, $24 will buy two tickets to any of our shows...hey, maybe they'll take you. It's basically a present to yourself.

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  • 48-giftcard

    $48 Gift Card


    $48 dollars will buy your favorite person four tickets to our Grown Up Show, nine tickets to our late night show, or let them take any of our classes at a discount. It's the perfect gift. Buy one now. Seriously.

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  • 150-giftcard

    $150 Gift Card


    150 big ones is a lot of money. It's enough to pay for 10 tickets to our late night or King of the House shows, or one of our special topics classes. No matter what they use it for, they're guaranteed a great time.

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  • 200-giftcard

    $200 Gift Card


    Do you have an improv fanatic in your life? Get them a $200 gift card, and they'll be able to take our improv class for free, or go to 16 shows. Either way, that's a lot a lot of laughs.

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