Kids Improv Comedy Classes | Monkey Business Institute

Learn the fundamentals of improv comedy during our fun, interactive summer camps! We will focus on compelling storytelling and complex improv games. The last day of camp includes a free, 90-minute performance for family and friends.

All camps are held at The Vault, MBI’s classroom space located at 1709 S. Park Street, Madison.

Summer Improv Camp for Ages 8-10

In this camp, we teach kids the basics of improvisation. Through our games and exercises, we’ll discover how to make confident choices, support each other, stay focused, and create characters and stories together.

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Summer Improv Camp for Ages 11-14

Improv doesn’t work if people’s ideas don’t build on each other! This camp focuses on using collaborative skills to say “Yes, and…” to other people’s ideas. We’ll focus on games and exercises that require these skills, giving your child more self-confidence, focus, and empathy.

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Summer Improv Camp for Ages 15-18

This camp focuses on games and exercises that require abstract thinking, strong narrative skills, and deeper, more complex characters. We’ll teach campers how to listen to and trust their instincts, help support others’ moments in the spotlight, and express themselves more clearly.

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