Show FAQs | Monkey Business Institute

Buy tickets to a Monkey Business Institute show online – from one month to one day before the show! Pre-sales end 1 hour before the start of the show so please don’t hesitate to buy tickets early. All tickets are “Will Call.” There’s no need to bring anything but a photo ID. We will release unclaimed seats 15 minutes before the show, so please be early. We fill up from the front to the back of the house. Pre-Sales do not guarantee that your group will be seated together so we encourage large groups especially to come early. We seat on a first come, first serve basis.

Since seating is limited and our shows are popular, we’ve got some tips to make your Monkey Business Institute experience a fantastic one.

How do I buy tickets and when should I do so?
You can buy tickets to Monkey Business Institute shows online – from two months until the day of the show (or until they sell out).  We have a tendency to sell out our shows, so we encourage purchasing tickets online as early as possible to guarantee your seats.  Online pre-sales end 1 hour before the start of the show.

Do you offer refunds?
All Monkey Business ticket sales are final and non-refundable. If you’ve already bought tickets and know you can’t make it, we’d be happy to give you credit towards a future event, as long as you let us know within a minimum of 48 hours advance notice.

Do I need actual paper tickets – or do I need to print anything off?
All online ticket purchases are paperless. Your name and the number of tickets you purchased will be on a list at the door. There’s no need to bring anything but a photo ID. After payment is received, you will receive an email from with your confirmation details. Please add us to your email address book so your ticket doesn’t end up in your spam folder!

Is there food and beverage available – or a drink minimum?
The full Glass Nickel Pizza Co. menu, as well as full bar service, is available before and during all performances.  There are no drink minimum or food purchase requirements.

Is the “All-Ages” show just for kids? 
Our 5:30pm All-Ages show isn’t just for kids, but it is appropriate for all audiences.  The show is quick-paced, runs approximately sixty minutes, and includes opportunities for audience volunteers to get in on the fun.  We avoid inappropriate topics and strive for humor the kids and adults will love.

Is the “Grown-Up” show really vulgar?  Can I bring my 13 year old son?
As a general rule, no.  We’re usually in “PG-13” territory with this show.  While we will occasionally cover adult themes or more mature subject matter in the 8pm show, the “Grown-Up” show is named such because it’s longer than the All-Ages show (90 minutes with an intermission), the audiences are typically adults (who give us suggestions for use in the performance), and the pace of the show is more in tune with an adult audience (among other small differences).  As for bringing your 13 year old son to the “Grown-Up” show, you’re the best judge of what is or isn’t appropriate for your kids, so if it’s agreeable with you, we certainly don’t mind.  In our opinion however, youth under 13 may not enjoy this show.

When should we arrive?
We begin seating forty-five minutes prior to the start of each show

  • All Ages Show: Seating begins at 4:45pm
  • Grown Up Show: Seating begins at 7:15pm
  • Friday Lab Shows: Seating begins at 7:15pm
  • Tuesday House Blend Shows: Seating begins at 6:15pm.
  • All Other Shows: Consult your ticket

If you’d like to enjoy Glass Nickel Pizza’s award-winning food before the show, please arrive closer to the start of seating.

What happens if we’re going to be late?
If you pre-purchased tickets online, and you’re unexpectedly delayed, you can call (608) 658-5153, or email to let us know.  While it’s not a guarantee that we’ll receive the message in time, making the effort to let us know may keep us from releasing your tickets for walk-up purchase.

Can I call and buy tickets over the phone? — or — Do you take phone reservations?
Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to process a purchase over the telephone – and since we have limited seating, we generally do not accept telephone reservations.

What is the best way to reach you?  When I call, I get the voicemail.
Email and telephone are the best ways to reach a live person. Since our office hours are rather limited during the week, your best bet is to email us or leave a voicemail with your name, phone number and reason for calling.  We’ll respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Here’s a handy dandy contact form.

Are your performances at the Glass Nickel wheelchair accessible?
While the dining area and bar on the main floor of the Glass Nickel is accessible, our Saturday performances take place in the lower level of the building, which unfortunately, is not wheelchair accessible (and at this time, it’s not feasible to alter the structure).  However, Monkey Business Institute does perform at many accessible public venues, for a variety of events and fundraisers throughout the year – and many are even free of charge.  For more information on opportunities to see us perform in other locations, email

I just want to show up and buy tickets at the door, can I do that?
We do have a tendency to sell out a majority of our shows, and have turned quite a few “last-minute” folks away because of that.  If buying your tickets in advance, online, isn’t an option – or if you just happen to be in the neighborhood and want to give it a shot – we do sell all available seats prior to performances.  Walk-up ticket purchases can be made during our seating times – even for later shows – while tickets last.  Again, it’s a small room with limited seating, so if you’re going to be driving three hours to see us, don’t take your chances.  Buy your tickets online.

I have a big group of people and we’re celebrating a birthday. Is there a group discount?
While we do not offer group discounts, we love being a part of your celebration! If you contact us in advance (or even talk to the host before the show), we can often make some special stuff happen for the guest of honor.

Can I buy all the tickets to a show and hold a private party at the Glass Nickel?
YES! But you’ll want to contact us to find out more about it before you do anything. Since our shows are open to the public, there is a small up-charge associated with making one of our shows “private”. In addition, we’ll want to put you in touch with the booking manager at the Glass Nickel so food, beverage and other needs you might have are met. For more information about group sales contact

How big is your theater?
Our venue is the basement of the Glass Nickel Pizza Co. on Atwood Avenue.  The room is “cozy” and our standard seating is for forty-five people.

What if my group is larger than forty-five people?
You’re in luck! We can bring the show to you. Check out our private party options or get started by contacting