Photo of “NEW” Adult Improv Class (Teen/Adult) 16+

“NEW” Adult Improv Class (Teen/Adult) 16+


Class Dates/Time: Thursday, 8/13/20 from 7pm-8pm

Ready to have some fun? Here’s your chance to enjoy a unique 1-hour of riotous fun playing improv games to feel your stress melt away. You’ll learn and play the best improv games in the industry in a supportive, low-stakes environment from your own home! You’ll be guided by one of Monkey Business Institute’s warm, engaging, professional improvisors. Whether you’re looking for a different kind of videoconference for fun and self-expression or you want to explore the personal and professional possibilities of the “Yes, and…” method that improv is known for—this short class will leave you feeling positive, confident and ready for more. No need to be funny or have prior experience in anything other than being yourself—improv is for everyone!