[Summer 2020] Summer Improv Camp for Ages 8-10


Monday-Friday, August 10th-14th, 1-4 pm

In this camp, we’ll teach your child the basics of improvisation. We’ll discover how to make confident choices, support each other, stay focused, and create characters and stories together. Also, the last day of camp will include a free, 1.5 hour performance for family and friends.

Camp Cancellation and Refund Policy

With notice of cancellation by customer at least two full weeks before the start of camp, full refund will be issued. With notice of cancellation by customer one full week prior to the start of camp, 50% refund will be given. With less than one full week (6 days) notice of cancellation by customer, no refund will be given.

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*We’re in the process of seeing if we can get safety measures in place in a way that makes us feel we’re being as safe as possible. That would include seeing if we can get a larger venue, screening/signing in at the door (with taking temperatures/asking health questions), and sanitizing surfaces regularly. We’re also planning to have spots on the floor marked for people to stand to maintain social distancing and limiting how people can move about. The camps would be limited to 8 students and 2 counselors maximum.

If we can get all of these things in place, we would like to ask that students wear a facemask and be reminded of regular handwashing procedures. We’re also in the process of making sure our counselors are comfortable with all of the above. Online camps are also an option we’re weighing.