[Winterim 2018-2019] Story Arc, Narrative, and the Door to the Open Mind


Sundays from 7:00-9:00 pm, December 2nd-January 27th (No class held December 23rd)

Story Arc, Narrative and the Door to Group Mind starts with the fundamentals of building exceptional platforms. This class will explore how to create compelling and engrossing narratives using tools such as pivots, status shifts and choosing the right kind of trouble. By the end,  you’ll be out of your head and absorbed in the story, and you will understand how storytelling leads to the elusive improv experience of group mind.  

Prerequisites: Completion of Level Two or higher.

Classes are held at our classroom called The Vault at 1709 S. Park Street, Madison.

Student involvement is key to the success of your Monkey Business Institute class experience. Regular attendance is required.  Please inform your teacher if you will miss a class session. Several absences jeopardizes student participation in the class show.

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