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In-Person Shows

Let’s Jam!

Some say experience is the best teacher and when it comes to improv, we agree! Get some reps under your belt by joining an improv jam! MBI’s Improv Jam is an opportunity for students to connect, learn new games, and improve technique through repetition with the support of fellow improvisers and MBI troupe members. Jams are open to current and former students, and those who have taken a level-one improv class at other institutions.

To ensure all participants have the opportunity to explore in a safe environment, Jams are capped at 15 participants and proof of vaccination is required. Register today and come ready to play!

New! bACK TO In-person improv classes!

Improv is an art form so tied into collaboration and physical proximity it makes one question how it can be learned in the current environment? Well, like so many other things improvisers do, we decided to embrace the bomb – with safety in mind, of course! Check out our in-person and virtual course offerings and get signed up today.

Livestreamed Improv Shows

Get cozy with comedians from your computer screen! We’re live streaming our award-winning improv every week for your viewing pleasure.

Online Improv Classes

Whether you’re looking to get started in improv, or you’re an experienced performer and want to learn more, MBI has a class for you. Check out our course offerings and get signed up today.

Virtual Improv Coaching

Sharpen communication skills and resilience at work using the principles of improv, or get improv performance coaching personalized just for you—we offer coaching that is interactive, fine-tuned to your needs, and a total blast. Sign up for an hour session today!

Online Entertainment

From virtual meeting ice breakers to a virtual singing telegram for your aunt Jan, bring joy and delight to your virtual work meetings, family parties, or friends’ happy hours with our virtual entertainment options. If you can dream it, we can probably do it!

Corporate Playshops for Virtual Work Teams

MBI now offers virtual Playshops to help your employees navigate the transition to working from home. Our customized, interactive training is designed to hone virtual collaboration, sharpen team focus, and unleash creativity.

Remote Keynotes

Hire Brad Knight to deliver a virtual keynote speech at your next event. As an improviser and small business owner, Brad has been saying “Yes, And” his whole life, and he’s skilled at teaching you how to leverage the power of improv in transformative ways in your life.

I seriously laugh the entire time, every time! Madison is lucky to have Monkey Business

Improv Troupe Members Hugging

Gift Cards

Hilarity comes in all denominations. Buy a gift card, good for all shows, classes, and coaching—and give the gift of laughter.

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