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We’re Monkey Business Institute.

MBI cast

About Us

Monkey Business Institute is made up of over thirty-five uniquely talented people. People who have spent years, or even decades, of their lives growing intimately aware of what makes great improv tick – and what makes you laugh.

Many of our members performed with Madison’s ComedySportz prior to 2002, and quite a few of us have years of professional stage and acting experience. Some of us are professional musicians, one is an award-winning stand-up comedian. Others are professional film-makers and voice-actors. A good number of the folks in our 

company are parents and one is a grand-parent (which makes them funnier, you’ll see).

In short, many of Madison’s most creative and humorous people appear in the cast for any given performance – and most of us have worked together for over ten years. There is no other improv comedy company quite as experienced and talented as ours, anywhere in the United States*.  You can even find us on Wikipedia.

So buy some tickets to one of our shows, kick back with some pizza, and laugh with (or at) us.  We think you’ll be glad you did.

*Except perhaps Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.


Meet Madison’s funniest improv comedians! The Monkey Business Institute features a diverse group of highly talented improv comedy professionals. When you hire us for an “on-the-road” performance or come to see a scheduled show, you’ll see some or all of these improvisors.

This was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Delightfully intriguing, fancifully funny, enormously ridiculous, amazingly talented.

MBI Cast Photo


Monkey Business Institute has been active in Madison for over a decade. During this time, some of our very favorite cast members have moved on to new cities and new adventures. However, they remain part of our troupe and visit us on occasion for very special performances.


Our admin staff keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. Here’s their contact information in case you need to get in touch with them.

Press Inquiries

For all media inquiries, please contact:

Kindra Goehler
Dirigible Studio
2002 Atwood Avenue, #208
Madison, WI 53704