The Gauntlet is BACK | Monkey Business Institute

The GauntletIt’s been lying dormant for over a year and a half, but long time fans will be super excited about the return of The Gauntlet!!

The Gauntlet is Monkey Business Institute’s original “winner take all” improv show.  Each Gauntlet is different, and is designed by the reigning Gauntlet champion. You’ll not only get to see your favorite improvisers doing what they do so well, but will also see hidden skills and talents that aren’t usually showcased in our other shows.

Lucky Gauntlet XIII features several Gauntlet firsts:

  • It’s the first Gauntlet not designed by the previous winner. Reigning champion John Steeno abdicated his crown. The amazing Jennifer Javornik won the right to design this show in a random lottery.
  • To our knowledge, it is the first Gauntlet performed on Friday the 13th.  Please leave your mirrors, ladders, and black cats at home.

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Last updated on: February 28, 2015