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Learning the skills of improvised comedy isn’t difficult! If you like having fun, laughing and trying new things, it’ll be as natural as breathing! Classes are taught by Madison’s most experienced instructors for every skill level and all ages.

Improv Skills Series

Level One: Intro to Improv

Begin your improv journey here! Learn the fundamentals of improvised comedy in a fun, supportive setting with experienced teachers.

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Level Two: Intermediate Improv

Dive into guessing games, non-conventional communication games and more.

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Level Three: Advanced Scene Work

We will cover everything you need to know to make your scenes more compelling including story arc, cuts and edits, scene assists, and juggling multiple plotlines.

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Level Four: Individualized Improv Work

Each week, a brand new curriculum will be designed for one or more students that focuses on their own areas to improve as identified by themselves, their classmates, and their teacher.

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Level Five: Performance

Level Five focuses on performance. In this class, you’ll learn the mechanics of a great improv show, how to host, how to DJ and how to create a show with flow from beginning to end.

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Level Six: Master Class

A continuation of our “Master Level” classes covering various topics as designed by our most experienced teachers or requested by students.  Previous topics include Other Schools and Philosophies and Designing Improv Games and Formats.

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Special Topics


Characters are an essential part of great improvising.  In this class, we will explore various ways to create characters on the spot.

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Characters Level 2

In the first Characters class, we learned methods to create characters on the spot.  In Level Two, we’ll focus on what you can further do with the characters your created, such as maintaining characters through scene, evolving your character, developing strong relationships between characters, examining character status, and probing deeper into the psyche of the character.


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Musical Improv: Level One

Beginning Musical Improv teaches you the basics of improvising musically. No musical experience or singing ability is required.

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Musical Improv: Level Two

This class focuses on musical genres and using music in improvised scene work. We will discuss the mechanics and conventions of various musical styles and then try them out. How do you improvise a country song? How do you make up a Broadway musical comedy? What the heck is dubstep? You will learn all this and more!


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Introduction to Sketch Writing

Learn the basics of sketch writing for stage.

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Genres and Styles

This class is designed to help you feel comfortable improvising in a specific style or genre. From film noir to spaghetti westerns, we’ve got you covered.

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In this class we will teach you the art of longform improvisation.  Sometimes known as “the improv form for improvisers”, longform incorporates longer narratives and incorporates much more thematic exploration.

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Story Arc, Narrative and the Door to the Group Mind

Starting with the fundamentals of building exceptional platforms, this class will explore how to create compelling and engrossing narratives using tools such as tilts, status shifts, and choosing the right kind of trouble.

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Kids Classes

Improv Camp: Ages 8-10

In this camp we’ll teach your child the basics of improvisation. Through our games and exercises, we’ll discover how to make confident choices, support each other, stay focused, and create characters and stories together.

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Improv Camp: Ages 11-14

Improv doesn’t work if people’s ideas don’t build on each other! This camp will focus on using collaborative skills to say “yes” to other people’s ideas. We’ll focus on games and exercises that require these skills, which will give your child more self-confidence, focus, and empathy.

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Improv Camp: Ages 15-18

This camp will focus on games and exercises that require abstract thinking, strong narrative skills, and deeper characters. We’ll teach campers how to listen to and trust their instincts, help support others’ moments in the spotlight, and express themselves more clearly.

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