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Live Stream Halloween Show!

Do you like scary movies? Then tune in this Saturday as MBI introduces a new show format—it’s the Monkey “Boo!-sness” Institute’s Livestreamed Halloween Special!

Cast members Brad, Kathy, Adam, Claire, and Ben will haunt your computer screens with all your favorite Spooky-Season ingredients, in a show we guarantee will feature:

  1. A ghost story
  2. A haunted house
  3. An exorcism
  4. Pretending to eat candy
  5. Actually eating candy
  6. A voodoo doll
  7. A game based on Blair Witch Project

Plus, add your own requests and influence the outcome of the games with our all-new “Pay-to-Play” option for audience members. It’s all the fun of trick-or-treating, without all the cavities!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t pick up the phone!