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Online Improv Classes

Whether you’re looking to get started in improv, or you’re an experienced performer and want to learn more, MBI has a class for you. If you like having fun, laughing, and trying new things, it’ll be as natural as breathing! Classes are taught online by Madison’s most experienced instructors.

Current Classes

How are we going to instruct people in an art form so tied into collaboration and physical proximity to be able to read faces in the environment, you ask? Well, like so many other things improvisers do, we decided to embrace the bomb! Check out our virtual course offerings and get signed up today.

Sheila Robertson and other MBI cast members

We often put purposeful limits on ourselves in performance so that we can find ways to let the limitations blossom our creativity. We’re going to do the same with online classes. We’ll be running short classes focusing on the things relative to the current climate: improvising online, reading faces, and adapting to limitations.