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Top 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Sign Up For MBI’s Introduction To Improv Class

10. Your name is Amy Poehler.

Amy Poehler by David Shankbone
Hi, I’m Amy Poehler. You may know me from being kind of a big deal.
 9. You are allergic…TO FUN!


8. You are a member of the american football team known as the Green Bay Packers and most of your Sundays are tied up with work. Unless time travel becomes a thing, in which case, you are more than welcome.

Aaron, you’re welcome to join us any time.
7. You are ALREADY member of Monkey Business Institute. Scram, seasoned improv performers! This class is for those who want to dip their toes in the improv waters.

You can’t be in the class…if you’re teaching the class…

6. You lack a corporeal body. [The only exception is for H. Jon Benjamin, whose voice is a life force in and of itself. Mr. Benjamin’s body is welcome to join his voice, but the class fee will apply.]

H. Jon Benjamin (4842056030)
I will definitely not be attending this class.
5. You’ve passed the Intro To Improv course and are moving on to Level Two: Advanced Improv.

New Cast Members
High-five for taking on Level Two. Now scram!

4. You have no time for silly human pursuits.

Time for silly human pursuits = zilch.

3. You probably have that one thing going on, maybe? Jeez, you’d love to join, but you’ll have to check your calendar first. Can you get back to us?

Did you know that they have memes on the internet now?

2. You’re not sure where you’d put that “Yes, and…” tattoo you would certainly get should you fall in love with improv comedy. We suggest along the funny bone, but we can’t find an anatomy book that describes exactly where that is.

(Our guess, too.)

1. You believe that improv is Satan’s work and all practitioners will torment in hell. To which we reply, “yes, and…”

So join us…for Intro to Improv at Monkey Business Institute!