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BIFF! BANG! KA-POW!!! logo, a show created by Monkey Business Institute

Brad ‘the Dark’ Knight on creating ‘BIFF! BANG! KA-POW!! The Super Power’

One of the great joys of my improv career has been designing new improv games and shows. I’d say I’ve easily been a part of creating more than a hundred of them — many of them as part of Monkey Business Institute.

If you’ve been a fan of MBI for a while, you’ve probably come to see some of our original shows such as The Merge, Impromp2, Puppettown, The Music Department, The Egregiously Late Show with ______, and Possibly a Disaster. All of these have showcased our unique style and talents in slightly different ways.

Our latest creation, BIFF! BANG! KA-POW!! The Super Power Hour, is a celebration of superhero movies and comic books. As with many of our shows, audience participation is part of the fun. During BIFF! BANG! KA-POW!! The Super Power Hour, select audience members get to draw comic book panels that become the tableau for improv scenes. The comic book motif continues as you’ll see heroes and villains displaying their powers with stop motion action – just as if you were flipping through a comic book.

Sounds fun, right? Lucky for you, there will be several opportunities to catch this show in the coming weeks. Come on down and have a super time with us.