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Brad Knight in front of Monkey Business Institute cast

Living Proof that Improv Improves

Brad’s Corner


I may be biased, but I think everyone should take an improv class.

Yes, I know, it’s becoming a trendy thing to do, but for good reason. For one, an improv class can help you to achieve goals you’ve set for yourself. I’ve seen classes help people come out of their shells, become better public speakers, gain self-confidence, open up creatively, and become comfortable with not being able to control everything that comes their way.

They can help you adapt to change. They can act as therapy or your sacred space. They can expand your social network. They even help some people start a career in improv.

I took my first improv class in my early 20’s. At the time, I was terribly depressed. For me, attending improv classes allowed me to work out some stuff and have a good laugh along the way. At the same time, improv classes gave me a sense of community and served as a creative outlet. Some of my best improv memories came from those classes; they are magical to me.

MBI’s improv classes start this week. Think about enrolling for a class; I’m glad I did. Does that make me biased? Sure, but I’m comfortable with that. Until next time…



P.S. We lost Kay Heggesrad last week. Kay was a huge friend and supporter of Monkey Business Institute. She took many classes, came to countless shows, and hired us to entertain at her parties. She was an amazing woman, a pioneer in medicine and social causes, and probably the bravest person I have ever known. She will be greatly missed.

Here is a link to Kay’s obituary.