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From the Women Of Monkey Business, it’s Yes Ma’am

An Improv Lab Of, By, and For Women

Behold Yes Ma’am, Madison’s finest improv comedy show of, by, and for women. Watch the Women Of Monkey Business Institute perform feats of improv prowess before your very eyes in this hour-long all-women comedy spectacular.

Improv Labs are Monkey Business Institute’s experimental improv comedy shows. The nature of these shows let us try out new things and explore new territory. When something sticks, we roll with it and see what happens next.

Yes Ma’am started out as an Improv Lab and has quickly become one of the most popular shows in our lineup. Created by MBI’s women cast members as an intentionally women-only show, Yes Ma’am allows space for our female cast member to perform with a freedom and energy that doesn’t always exist in a co-ed setting. The result is a stage full of hilarious women performing their ever-loving hearts out, often providing fresh perspectives and hot takes on subjects that, frankly, you might not get with a bunch of dudes in the mix.

Are we cutting men out of the fun? Of course not! They are more than welcome at any Yes Ma’am performance…as an audience member. As far as the stage is concerned, though, Yes Ma’am is – and will continue to be – a place for women to shine.

Yes Ma’am currently stars: Marian Halls, Kelly Maxwell, Bree Prehn, Tara Ptasnik, Sarah Rogers, Sheila Robertson, and Vanessa Tortolano.

You can find future Yes Ma’am performances by visiting MBI’s spectacular and informative events calendar.