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Improv Lab: The Merge

Let me hit you with a little inside baseball for a minute. There is a long-standing debate amongst comedy nerds about which format is superior: stand-up or improv. While that debate festers amongst the cognoscenti, Monkey Business Institute is giving audiences a chance to take in both stand-up and improv comedy in a unique show we call The Merge.

Delivered in three parts, The Merge first unleashes the stand-up comics on stage. Each comic performs a short set before handing the show over to our improv comedians. The MBI cast performs improv based on material and situations brought up during the stand-up comics’ sets. Finishing the show off, the stand-up comics come back on stage and join forces with MBI members to delight the audience with a round of improv games.

Want to see it inaction for yourself? Check out the video below or get your tickets here.