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Brad Knight: Keynote Speaker For Hire

Learn the Secrets of the Improv Mindset

What if everyone in your workplace communicated more clearly? That would be pretty sweet. But how do you get to that point? How do you teach people to listen to each other more attentively?

Enter Brad Knight, founder and creative director of Monkey Business Institute and a 26-year veteran of the improv scene and experienced keynote speaker. The skills improv comedians are taught to use onstage to delight audiences translate offstage as well, and Brad is skilled at teaching you how to leverage the power of improv to help your organization communicate.

Thanks to advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to hire Brad to deliver a keynote address to your business group or organization.

  1. Shoot us a line – Tell us a little bit about yourself so that we can understand what you’re looking for from having Brad speak to your group.
  2. Iron out the details – Let’s have a quick chat about dates, locations, how many people will be attending, any special topics or areas that Brad should cover during his delivery – we’re totally cool with shaping the message to fit the needs and context of your event.
  3. It’s a deal! Once all the details are sorted out, let’s get it in writing and sign on the line which is dotted (figuratively, as least).
  4. Brad shows up! Brad slays, your audience wins the day.
  5. The wind shifts, Brad steps outside, opens his umbrella and is whisked away, soaring high above an Edwardian-era English cityscape.

Why settle for boring when you can hire Brad Knight instead! As you can see, it’s easy to do and, most importantly, your audience will never forget Brad’s engaging, entertaining delivery. Learn more here or email Brad at to get started!