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Mad Faves 2018 Has Begun!

Monkey Business Institute Wants Your Vote

Choose MBI As Your 2018 Mad Fave

Voting has begun for the 2018 edition of The Isthmus’ Mad Faves. Winning this would mean a lot to us, so y’know… click this link and enter Monkey Business Institute in the Favorite Performance Group category. And when you’re done doing that, consider telling a friend to do the same. That would be pretty swell.

Please note that this year’s voting method is different from previous ones in that there is only one round of voting. That means we really need everyone to spread the word to friends, family, historic enemies, strategic allies, random strangers, specific strangers, interlopers, hanger-ons, ne’er-do-wells, ne’er-do-bads, or anyone else you may have contact with. Thanks in advance! You’re the best. (No, you are.)


The Collective Consciousness of Monkey Business Institute

P.S. Go Vote! (Please)