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Mirth Madness Improv Bracket Tournament

Thank you for your interest in our 4th annual Mirth Madness bracket tournament.  We are super excited to be holding this virtual tournament in the style of college basketball playoffs and can’t wait to see what you have to offer us.


We are looking for 8 teams to take part in this tournament.

 This will be a virtual tournament held on Zoom and live streamed to Monkey Business Institute’s YouTube channel.

Required dates to be part of the tournament:

In order to be part of the tournament, you’ll need to be available on either April 10th or 11th, and on BOTH April 17th and April 18th.  This will only be true if you keep winning your brackets.  Once you lose a match, you’ll no longer need to be available. Show dates and times are listed below.

If you are accepted to be part of the tournament, the following will be randomly assigned:

Your “seed number”.  There is no implied difference in quality or talent between a “8 seed” and a “1 seed” since it’s all assigned randomly, so don’t take it personally if you get a lower seed.

Your show slot(s) and whether you go first or second.


You will be given a 20-minute slot for each show you’re in.  You will start either roughly 5 minutes after the listed show start time or roughly 30 minute after the listed show start time, depending on whether you’ve been chosen to go first or second.

Shows may be of any form or style that can fit into 20 minutes, as long as they’re 100% improvised and will work on Zoom.

You will need to have all equipment needed to film the show and the latest version of Zoom.  We will host the Zoom event and live streaming.

Show dates and times

Show 1Show 2
April 10th (Equivalent to Elite 8)7-7:50pm8-8:50pm
April 11th (Equivalent to Elite 8)7-7:50pm8-8:50pm
April 17th (Equivalent to Final Four)7-7:50pm8-8:50pm
April 18th (Equivalent to Championship Match)7-7:50pm


Mirth Madness Sign-Up

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  • Submit a URL to a 5-10 minute video showing an example of what you'll be doing in the show.
  • Are we providing a host, special tech requirements, etc? Please be specific.
  • Price: $15.00

Published on Mar 05 2021

Last Updated on Mar 31 2021

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