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Niamh O’Neill-Culhane performs with MBI this Saturday!

NiamhThe Merge this weekend will feature stand up comedians Niamh O’Neill-Culhane & Sarah Connor performing with MBI improvisors. Get your tickets now!

Niamh O’Neill-Culhane is an aspiring rapper who regularly performs sketch and stand up comedy in Madison, Wisconsin. When on stage she enjoys telling deeply personal stories of both triumph and humiliation that occasionally lead to uncomfortable dinner conversations with her parents (with whom she lives because she’s not made of money okay?) Niamh has emceed for comics such as Cameron Esposito, Rory Albanese and Tommy Johnagin. Niamh takes great pleasure in jumping on pop culture bandwagons 5 years late and recently made it through three seasons of Dexter in just 3 days. She is sure that like Dex, she could be a successful serial killer if she just had a little more ambition.

Follow Niamh on twitter: @NNNNNiamh