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Luke Arthur

Luke was born on Tatooine a long time ago. During his teenage years, he and his brother Bo were notorious bootleggers who flattened hills and straightened curves for the Georgia Department of Transportation. He then wrote a short biography of Jesus that remains popular to this day.

Colleen Berg

Colleen’s thighs are muscular, but her soul is gentle. It is the fusion of these two parts of herself that have led her to her passions in life: teaching social skills to middle schoolers, running through the wilderness with her dog, eating too many raw carrots and/or radishes on a daily basis, and improvising silliness with friends (since 2011).

Benson Gardner

Benson Gardner is just the sort of person you’d expect to be a video/film creator, government communicator, one-time public radio journalist, Splu Urtaf co-founder, aspiring historian, happy father, husband and meditator. Except for the cutlass.

Linda Hedenblad

Linda is a graduate of the first Monkey Business class. In fact, for a while, taking classes from Brad Knight and Jason Stephens was her part-time career. When Linda isn’t performing, she is using comedy to keep people awake while teaching professional ethics.

Jennifer Javornik

Having been raised on formulaic 70s sitcoms, our resident Canadian lives by two mantras: “Always have your next party and your next vacation planned.”

Sean Moore

Sean Moore is an accomplished improviser and stand-up comic, for which he won Madison’s Funniest Comic competition in 2010. He is well known for his physical comedy and firm handshake.

David Rodriguez

David dabbles in the arts, which means cooking, photography and ― since 2007 ― making you laugh. In his free time, David likes to cook gourmet four-course meals for his friends or anyone who will pay him. Then he takes pictures of the food (see “arts” above).

Ari Salinger

After being kicked out of the Shaolin Temple, Ari decided he had no choice but to cut his teeth on stage. He once played under the direction of Irving R. Feldman (deceased). If Ari was a dog, he’d be a small one. He enjoys sweets and coffee and his family and coffee and science and coffee.

Matt Sloan

Matt is the co-creator of Chad Vader and the voice of Darth Vader for various video games and commercials. He can be seen on the web in “Beer & Board Games” and “Welcome to the Basement” and on stage with the Are We Delicious? ensemble. He collects old records and has cats.

John Steeno

John Steeno cannot be contained by any walls, especially the fourth one. John is one of our most respected teachers and a skilled actor and writer with a passion for sketch writing which he has shared with many Monkey Business students. His improv style is at turns bitingly sarcastic and disarmingly sincere, emotionally resonant and ridiculous, often electrifying and always truthful. He knows a lot about superheroes, football, Pokemon, and hugs, and loves the long form style of our Monkey Business Improv Lab shows. He is also a traitor who can't be trusted not to move to a different state.

Aaron Yonda

Along with co-creating the Chad Vader series (120+ million views), Aaron created a gaming channel on YouTube called GameSocietyFilms with 5 million views in 6 months. Watch Aaron and his friends get drunk and play board games online at Blame Society Films or see everything he gets up to at