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Sean Bossinger

Sean Bossinger is a Monkey Business Institute DJ. The killer combination of a strong, smooth voice, good sense of comic timing, real-life work as a tech savvy computer boss, improv class training and experience performing with a King of the House team make for mad DJ skills. Sean is a conscientious team player with a heart of gold.

Scott Montague

Scott Montague is a Monkey Business Institute DJ. A genuine, sweet guy who truly cares about people's feelings, does good without needing to take credit for it, serves as a volunteer fire-fighter, and loves to watch his kids play sports, he is a valued member of our team. You can catch him outside of the DJ booth when he improvises with his team at our Tuesday night King of the House shows.

Marc Turnes

Marc Turnes is a Monkey Business Institute DJ. Lover of clever wordplay, superheroes, games, and all things nerdy, Marc's positive personality shines through in his work as a DJ. He is the host of the improv podcast "It Came From the Headlines", and is a prolific internet comic artist who holds a degree in history and enjoys scolding politicians.