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Stockholm, Sweden to Madison, Wisconsin

Officially the farthest anyone has ever traveled to see a Monkey Business Institute performance. You might be thinking, “is this person insane, that’s like a 37 hour flight.” Yes, it’s a long flight. And no, she’s not insane. She’s truly delightful.

Our special guest at our 8pm show tonight was Linda Söderberg from Stockholm, Sweden. She’s been a fan of Blame Society Films (which is to say, MBI members Matt Sloan and Aaron Yonda) since she was just a teenager. That was seven years and hundreds of YouTube videos (and over a hundred million video views) ago.

Linda contacted us and said she was going to travel to the US and wanted to see some of these familiar goofballs perform in a live improv show. Luckily, we do this every week at the Glass Nickel Pizza Co on Atwood Ave.

So we gathered up Matt, Aaron, Craig, Brad and Jason (whom she’s seen in countless Blame Society videos – like “Beer and Board Games”, “Welcome to the Basement” and all the way back to “McCourts in Session”) and with Andrew Rohn on keys, we burned through a nearly two hour show for a sold-out room.

It may have been one of the most rewarding performances many of us have ever had. Not only were we having fun, but we were doing great improv and creating some amazing songs on the spot. Trust me when I say that a description of the show would not do it justice. Much like a kiss, improv requires you to be a part of the event – rather than just hearing the details.

In the end, we had a blast. The sold-out audience had a blast. And Linda from Sweden had a blast.

And that may be the best reason for you to come to a show. Whether you live two blocks from the Glass Nickel Pizza Co – Madison East – or half-way around the earth. We’ll pour everything we have into every show and you’ll have a great time.