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Somewhere north or south of here (or maybe west or east), there’s an unmarked road which takes you where your troubles are the least. A road which takes you to a place where you’ll ditch all of your frowns.

That place, for grown-up comedy fans, is one called Puppettown.

Puppettown is the NEW puppet-based improv comedy show, presented by The Monkey Business Institute – and there’s nothing quite like it!

Part soap-opera, part musical comedy – this monthly show (the first Saturday of every month, at 10:30pm) is set in a small town inhabited by puppets! The residents of Puppettown face unusual challenges, relationship issues, and generally have a lot of fun.

The Puppets’ unique, layered personalities have been created through months of rehearsals by our human improvisers/puppeteers, but the content of each show is improvised, based on your suggestions! And with musical director, Andrew Rohn (of VO5), providing the theme song and accompanying the cast through songs – we think you’ll love it.

Tickets are available online and are only $10, but seating is limited. Multiple shows are on sale now.

Puppettown’s human improvisers/puppeteers: Dylan Brogan, Brad Knight, Jason Stephens and Vanessa Tortolano

Musical Director: Andrew Rohn

Directed by Vanessa Tortolano