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The future of Monkey Business Institute on stage

Monkey Business Institute is debuting a new process for finding fresh and talented improvisers for our troupe.  We call it Performance Track Class (or PTC) and we’re very excited about it!

In a nutshell, PTC is a 12-week audition process.  We have invited 8 cream of the crop students from our standard classes to be trained and mentored by current Monkey Business Institute members over the next three months.  At the end of this process, we’ll evaluate who we feel is ready for the big time and bring them into our company.

How do you fit into all this?   Well, as part of the process PTC students will be performing on the Monkey Business stage throughout the class.  You will get a chance to come and see their shows!  There will be 8 Performance Track Class shows for you to choose from. So come and see the future of Madison improv – and maybe beyond –  and you can say, “I saw them when nobody else knew who they were!”

ps And remember, all these folks came out of our Monkey Business Institute classes.  So if you want to be in our troupe some day, taking a class is the proper way to start.